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Just a few stories from some of the couples I have had the honor of assisting with their births.

"We are so grateful to you for all of your of advice (especially theses reassuring phone calls), your positive encouragement, and the emotional support you gave us throughout labor to help us realize our goal of having a natural delivery. We could not have done it without your help and we are so proud of our healthy big boy! God Bless you!"

The parents of baby Kieran

"I can never say thank you enough for all you help and support during my long labor! I really couldn't have gone so long with out an epidural if it wasn't for you and your wonderful support both at my home and at the hospital."

Love, the parents of baby Alexis

"The help that you provided us with is priceless! You truly were an angel."

The parents of baby Andrew

"Thank you for all of your loving care and support. We could not have had a better experience without you and Maureen. Thank you for being a huge part of a very happy memory!!!"

The parents of baby Keara

"Thank you for all the love and support you gave Peter and me throughout the pregnancy and especially during labor. Your experience and encouragement were invaluable assets. I really doubt whether we could have had such an incredible birth without you, so thank you!! The doula service you provide is a great apostolate, especially because you go at it with such zeal and love. Frances doesn't know it yet, but someday she'll be grateful too. God Bless!"

The parents of baby Frances

"Dear Amy,
Some gifts you hold in your hand - baby Matthew
Some gifts you hold in your heart - my birth experience!

I just wanted to take a moment again to say "thank you" for giving me such a wonderful birth experience! I truly could not have done it with out your support. Please tell your family thank you too for their patience during all the phone calls looking for your endless supply of advice. So glad I choose to hire a doula for this pregnancy and I think I lucked out that I found someone as special and caring as you."

The parents of baby Matthew

"Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for all of you help with the birth of Gregory. He was my best delivery since Claire who was at the birthing center. Everything you told me and showed me made a huge difference I think. You certainly know your stuff!"

The parents of baby Gregory.

"Dear Amy,
Thanks for helping me into this world and for making it such a positive experience for my parents!"

Findlay (the baby) :-)

"Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for the strength and support you gave us in preparing for my Grand-daughters birth. My daughter-in-laws labor was just beautiful. She delivered in 8 hours. They did induce but, all went smooth. We truly believe all your suggestions where a huge contribution to the ease and timely delivery. Your openness and thoughtfulness meant more than words can ever say. Thank you again!"

Grandmother of baby Izabela

April 11, 2004

To Any and Every Pregnant Woman:

My name is Kelly Pickering. My husband, Ken Kreit and I had the pleasure of having Amy Bookwalter assist us with the birth of our daughter, Katarina. We were extremely pleased with her services and give her our highest recommendation.

I decided I wanted help from a doula because I wanted a natural childbirth and felt this would make it easier for me. My husband understood this and agreed I should find someone to help. After interviewing several candidates, I decided on Amy because I felt most comfortable with her — and she proved me right!

Amy exceeded all our expectations. She is an expert in childbirth issues and provided emotional support and numerous suggestions for initiating labor during the final weeks of my pregnancy when my daughter was overdue. Her assistance during the labor itself was phenomenal. She had many alternatives for easing the pain of labor (i.e. acupressure, the birth ball, in fact too many to list). And, because my husband is not the touchy feely type, she also provided me with much of the physical assistance I needed during this time. Her techniques were effective and enabled me to endure 14 hours of labor without pain medications. It was challenging, but with Amy's help, most of this time the pain was quite manageable (I should note that I spent over 7 hours at 9 centimeters dilation).

Ultimately, I was unable to have the natural childbirth that I wanted. I ended up having a cesarean section after nearly 24 hours of labor due to a deformity of my sacrum and the size of my daughter (9 pounds, 3 ounces), which prevented her from descending into the birth canal. Nevertheless, I feel certain I could have had a natural childbirth without these complicating factors. And, in my opinion, that success would have largely been due to the support I received from Amy.
Amy's support did not end here. She followed up with us repeatedly after the birth. Because of the cesarean section, I needed much more help, than I had anticipated. Amy put us in touch with others who were able to help me out at home. In addition, two days after her birth, Katarina was taken to neonatal intensive care with seizures and a severe infection. She spent a week there, and as a result had serious difficulties with breastfeeding. Amy came through again, with the name of a lactation consultant who has helped us get back on track.

In summary, we simply cannot say enough about what Amy has done for us. Not only is she is great at what she does, she is a wonderful person. We feel most fortunate to have had her support during such a significant time in our lives.

Kelly Pickering, Kenneth Kreit

"My name is Tracy Egbert and my husband and I had the pleasure of having Amy Bookwalter as our Doula at the birth of our daughter Maggie. My husband and I went into our pregnancy with the notion that it would only be him and I (and of course the doctor and nurses) in the room. I had a very hard pregnancy. Amy was there for me and Ralph (my husband) from the moment we found out that we were pregnant. The further along I got the more I wanted Amy in the room. However, she did so much more then "just be in the room"

She was there for us day and night before Maggie was born. She would help me make my list of questions to take to the doctor. If I did not understand something I read I could call her and if she did not know she found out for me. She is like an encyclopedia of information. Ralph was not interested in having help. He wanted to do everything. However, the more I read up on child birth and the more I told him about things, he realized we needed help. My due date was June 30th. I went to the doctor on May 21st and my doctor said that the fluid looks low and he wanted me to go and get an ultra sound. He told me he would either send me home back to bed rest or to the hospital to have a baby. On May 23 we went to get the ultra sound. The doctor called my doctor with the results and came back and sent me to the hospital. Amy met us there.

I had mixed emotions about having Maggie early (5 weeks). I wanted to hold her so bad but I also knew that she may have a tough road ahead of her. Everything happened so fast, I don't remember everything. Amy was keeping a journal from the 23rd till Maggie came into the world on the 25th. All day on the 24th I was hooked up to monitors and had an I.V. I could not get up and move around. Amy came and visited me a couple times on the 23rd. On the 25th she was there bright and early when they started the pitosin. She logged my blood pressure, blood sugar level (I had Gestational Dietabietes).

By her being with us, My husband was able to give our families updates and he could have a break. She was able to tell Ralph what to do to help me get through each contraction. Ralph is quiet and wanted to help but he did not know how. We both were so happy to have Amy help us. I needed Ralph to be strong for me and Amy was able to show and tell him how. We were very greatful that Amy was with us. After Maggie was born Amy did not just drop us. She came back and visited us. She still emails me information that is very helpful."

Tracy and Ralph Egbert