Childbirth Classes and Registration

If you attended one of Amy's childbirth classes in the past, feel free to find Rosebud Doula on Facebook and Angie's List and tell others about your experience!

Childbirth Education Classes – Scroll down to see schedule

The Basic Class is recommended between 20-36 weeks. The Advanced 101.5 class prerequisite is a childbirth education class from an independent instructor - not a hospital class or an online class - or previous birth and is recommended between 36-38 weeks.

If you wish to register for a class, click the "Add to Cart" button next to the class you wish to sign up for and follow the payment instructions. Once payment is complete, please fill out the registration form.

'Weekend Madness' Basic Childbirth 101

This is a great class for the really busy folks that don't have 5 Thursday nights in a row to commit to someone else. We will cover every thing you will need to know in a fun, fast-paced weekend. Usually it will be on a Friday evening and a full Saturday. It will be a very interactive class and will cover everything from non-medicated births to scheduled caesarian births and everything in between. We cover what to expect, what your body will be going through, what the baby will be doing, how you can manage the challenges of labor and what to expect for the post-partum. We will also go over things you can do and cool products you can use to best prepare you and your baby for the wonderful process called labor.

Advanced Childbirth 101.5

This is a 3 hour class. This class is designed for the mom that desires to have a non-medicated birth either at home or in the hospital. The prerequisite for this class is that you have already attended a full Childbirth Education class from an independent instructor - not a hospital class or an online class - OR you have labored with a previous birth. We will not be covering the basics. This is an advanced class. This class has had a very high success rate of moms that deliver their babies non-medicated.

The Basic and Advanced classes cannot be attended in the same weekend.

2016 Class Schedule and Prices

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Basic Childbirth 101: $175.00
Each Basic Childbirth 101 class has two sessions: 6-9 PM on Friday and 9 AM-4:15 PM on Saturday. Cost includes the expectant mother and one guest:

Doula's in Training

If you are training to be a doula, this is not the childbirth education class you need to register for. Please go to the Doula Training page and register there.

2016-2017 Classes
September 16-17
October 21-22
November 11-12
December 9-10
January 6-7
February 3-4
March 3-4
March 31-April 1
May 12-13
June 9-10

Weekend Madness Basic Childbirth 101

The Basic and Advanced classes cannot be attended in the same weekend.

Advanced Childbirth 101.5  $115
Cost includes the expectant mother and one guest. Each Advanced Childbirth 101.5 class is one 3 Hour session 5:00-8:00 on the following days:

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2016-2017 Classes
September 17
October 22
November 12
December 10
January 7
February 4
March 4
April 1
May 13
June 10

Advanced Childbirth 101.5

Private Advance classes are available on a limited basis. The class fee is $180. Please call Amy for availability before purchasing.

Advanced Childbirth 101.5

Refund Policy: Refunds will be given only if birth occurs before class is taken.

After making your payment, please provide your registration information here!